Welcome to Box-DAO (B-DAO)

B-DAO: DeFi platform, for everyone who believes in decentralization as a best solution. Our platform solves problems in the DeFi space connected to payments, custody, minting, token locks, liquidity and fundraising.

Box-DAO: is the governance token of our DeFi Rewards Platform. The project will provide a decentralized investment option, so that investors always have control over their funds, 100% automated and instantaneous. A secure staking solution, farms, exchange and AI-powered trading technology coming soon so you can earn without having to trade.

  • Box-DAO aims to develop better solutions and alternatives every day, always improving processes, to add to the cryptocurrency market. Based on a complete DeFi platform, we will trigger a series of changes in the way people see the decentralized world, taking our solutions to companies outside of this market, bringing them to the blockchain.

  • Thinking about the sustainability of our governance token (B-DAO) and the viability of holders to be trading without major adverse impact, we calculated a tax of 0% buy / 2% sell on transactions. This tax will be enough for the development of the project, delivering solutions that we believe will have a direct impact on the token. The bigger the platform, the more users, the more the token grows and returns big gains to holders.

  • Box-Dao came to be different, to do better, daring to create new products. The revolution begins when new solutions are created to meet new needs. Don't miss the moment, let's do much more.

Box-DAO - DeFi Platform

DAO Ecosystem

BoxDao adopts a decentralized and autonomous governance model.

Artificial Intelligence

Spot, Perpetual Futures or Arbitrage. Automatic diversification, algorithm-based AI, it's up to you.


Swap - Buy your cryptocurrencies safely and quickly, a new option, faster and with less tax.

Pools - Stake B-DAO and receive rewards that will be distributed automatically.

Yield Farming - Yield farming lets users that are providing liquidity earn B-DAO rewards by locking their LP tokens into a smart contract.


Box-DAO focus is to offer excellent rewards to our platform users.


A percentage of the total amount received in project fees will be used to carry out these buybacks.

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